Summer Bubble Bath


Relax and unwind with a luxurious bubble bath, that is packed with antioxidants to protect and nourish your skin. Native Silky Lemongrass (Aherre-Aherre) has been used for its medicinal properties by Indigenous people of Central Australia for centuries. This lemongrass and lime bubble bath will leave you feeling uplifted and clean without stripping your skin from moisture.

Yaye (Pronounced Yah-Yah) in Arrernte language means Big Sister. Founded by Melissa who is a Warumungu and Luritja woman from Central Australia along with her husband Anthony, an Arrernte man from Alice Springs. 

Yaye’s signature ingredients are derived from cellular extracts of plants native to Central Australia. As such, their products are a celebration of cultural knowledge and a showcase of ancient wisdom. 

The products are vegan friendly, made with recyclable packaging, ethically sourced, made from bush medicine extracts and are Australian made. Yaye is free from parabens, alcohol, formaldehyde and is not tested on animals.

180x75x75mm, 550g approx

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