Echidna Quill Earrings Stud


Echidna quill stud earrings with red quandong seed detail.

These distinctive earrings are hand made by Barbara Quayle, a Barkindji artist living in Menindee.

Turning nature into beautiful, wearable art, Barbara makes jewellery from local materials such as gum-nuts, echinda quills and quandong seeds.

"I'm a proud Barkindji/Malyangapa Nghuungku (woman).

I make Jewellery from what I can gather from my Ancestral homeland, what mother nature provides. I weave, use mussel shells, Echidna quills, emu/bird feathers, gum-nuts, quondong seeds, etc. I hope you like the jewellery as much as I love making the items."

Size: length, 50mm

Ear posts: sterling silver

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