Jeanette James - Mariner Shell and Echidna Quill Earrings


Maireener Shell and Echidna Quill earrings hand made by Palawa Tasmanian artist, Jeanette James

The striking jewellery produced by Palawa Tasmanian artist, Jeanette James uses the quills of echidna's, and the shells of 

These contemporary pieces have traditional notions and stylistically draw reference to adornments worn by generations of Palawa women. Jeanette has a license to collect the quills from deceased echidnas, which is required as they are a protected species. 

The incredibly rare Mariner shells (also spelled Maireener and Marineer) are collected along the Tasmanian coastline. To collect the amount of shells required to produce a substantial range of jewellery can take two to three years.

50x20x20mm, 60g approx

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