Emu hand carved hook


Decorative hand carved Emu wall hook from Wildlife Garden.

This lovely wooden hand carved emu hook is painted with environmentally friendly paint. Made from a strong metal, the hook that can support up to 10 kg in weight. Its keyhole bracket makes it simple to attach to the wall, allowing you to easily organise your hallway, entry way, bedroom or anywhere you need a charming, friendly hand with your organisation.

Each hook comes with a small booklet about the species.

Weight:  150 g

Size: L: 42 x W: 70 x H: 121 mm

Materials: Hand carved wood, hand painted in non-toxic water based paint, metal hook


Curious about Emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae)

Endemic to Australia, where it is the largest native bird, it's the second-tallest living bird after its the ostrich.

Soft feathered and flightless, they range across most of mainland Australia.

They can travel great distances, and can sprint at speeds up to 48 km/h (30 mph) when they have to.

Their diet consists of a variety of plants and insects. They can survive the dry and arid conditions of their habitat by being able to go some weeks without eating, when necessary. They drink infrequently, but take in copious amounts of water when the opportunity arises.

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