Gaspeite - Mineral Specimen


Large specimen found in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. This incredibly rare nickel carbonate mineral is named after the region of Gaspé in Québec, Canada, where it was first discovered.

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140x55x20mm, 150g approx

Curious about Gaspeite?

Gaspeite is a rare nickel-cobalt carbonate mineral, usually found in green and yellowish hues. Its name is derived from its original discovery in Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec, Canada.

Gaspeite is composed of magnesium, iron, nickel, cobalt and carbon, and is generally found as a result of weathering and alteration of nickel-bearing sulfides. Its distinguishing features include a soft, greasy feel with a slight yellowish-green hue.

It is often used as a gemstone, and is considered to be a talisman for protection and good luck.

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