Petrified Wood Bowl


Petrified wood bowl, polished. 

This striking bowl is crafted from petrified wood sourced sustainably in Indonesia. Approximately 20 million years old. Its colour comes from the process of petrification, where, over millions of years minerals replace the wood, imparting colour and texture.

The minerals present in this beautiful specimen come from traces of manganese and iron.

Size: 24 x 18 cm, 4.5 cm deep

Curious about Petrified Wood?

In the late Tertiary period, blankets of rainforest surrounding volcanoes were plentiful in Indonesia.

After volcanic eruptionq, these trees were buried by ash and lava, eliminating microbes that would rot the wood.

Over time, the wood was replaced with silica rich minerals such as chalcedony, quartz, calcite, opal and jasper, which impart the beautiful colours and textures seen in the petrified wood.

Traces of manganese impart blue and black colours, while iron traces result in different shades of brown and orange.

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