Black Crow & Penguin Shell - Necklace


Black Crow and Penguin Shell necklace, 470mm length

The striking jewellery produced by Palawa Tasmanian artist Jeanette James uses the traditional shell stringing technique of the Palawa people – the indigenous peoples of Tasmania. This technique is many thousands of years old and the skill has been handed down to Jeanette from generation to generation.

The Mariner shells are collected along the Tasmanian coastline and are incredibly rare. Sometimes, to collect the amount of shells required to produce a substantial range of jewellery can take two to three years. Jeanette stringently follows the cultural protocols, and as a senior custodian of the stringing practice, she has a committed dedication to ensuring the process remains the same for future generations of Palawa women.

The delicate nature and brilliant colour combination of the rich black crow shells and the creamy penguin shells make this a piece that would elevate any outfit or occasion - day or night

470 mm total length, 60g approx

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