Boobook Owl - Earrings


Hand shaped and painted clay earrings featuring sterling silver hooksby Songbird Collection.  

With a foundation centred around the love of birds, ethical production and conservation, Songbird Collection have raised and passed on over $10 000 to Australian Bird life projects. Founder Alexandra Sommer brings her rich background in design and her appreciation of the natural world into the foundations of her range of striking jewellery. 

Size: 25x15x10mm e,

Weight: approx 40g

Materials: hand shaped and painted clay earrings, sterling silver hooks

Curious about the Boobook Owl: Ninox boobook?

Australian boobook (Ninox boobook), known in some regions as the mopoke, is a species of owl native to mainland Australia, southern New Guinea, Timor, and the Sunda Islands. 

The smallest owl on the Australian mainland, the Australian boobook is 27 to 36 cm long, with predominantly dark-brown plumage with prominent pale spots.

It has grey-green or yellow-green eyes. It is generally nocturnal, though sometimes it is active at dawn and dusk, retiring to roost in secluded spots in the foliage of trees.

They feed on insects and small vertebrates

Breeding takes place from late winter to early summer, using tree hollows as nesting sites.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed the Australian boobook as being of least concern on account of its large range and apparently stable population.

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