Budgerigar Earrings


Hand shaped and hand-painted Budgerigar clay earrings featuring sterling silver hooksby Songbird Collection.  

With a foundation centred around the love of birds, ethical production and conservation, Songbird Collection have raised and passed on over $10 000 to Australian Bird life projects. Founder Alexandra Sommer brings her rich background in design and her appreciation of the natural world into the foundations of her range of striking jewellery.

Earrings Size: 35x8x8mm

Weight: approx 40g

Materials: hand shaped and painted clay earrings, sterling silver hooks

The perfect thoughtful gift for the bird lover in your life.


Curious about the Budgerigar Melopsittacus undulatus)?

The wild budgerigar is around 18 cm in length, with a wing span of 30 cm. 

With green to yellow body plumage, they have a distinctive yellow face, with a blue-grey bill, iridescent blue cheek patches and 3 black throat patches across each side of their throats. The tail is cobalt (dark-blue) with central yellow flashes. 

Visible in flight, their greenish-black flight feathers are yellow fringed. This plumage is interspersed with yellow flashes.

Their diet consists mainly of grass seeds. Highly adaptive, their flocks move from sites as environmental conditions change.


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