Adventerra Games - Global Warning


Join forces with others to save your planet. It's hotter on Earth than it's ever been since temperatures have been recorded, so we must work together to solve all the environmental problems around us to slow the rate of global warming and prevent climate disaster. Educational goals - players discover the main causes of global warming and possible solutions, The cards show real environmental problems and actions to adopt to safeguard the Earth, Game dynamics stimulate cooperation between players to reach a common objective. Suitable for ages 10 and up, 4-7 players.

Swiss company Adventerra Games have developed a range of educational boxed toys which are entirely plastic free, made from recycled and recyclable materials all of FSC certified origins. Their toys are created to raise awareness and instil knowledgeability in children from an impressionable age, with the values and themes aligned closely with many of the 'sustainable development goals' promoted by the UN in Agenda 2030.

280x230x50mm, 900g approx