Australian Geographic - Dig & Discover Dinosaur Skeleton - Velociraptor


Be a junior paleontologist. Carefully excavate and assemble the skeleton of a Velociraptor and learn fun facts about this fearsome prehistoric creature with the instruction sheet provided. 

This educational children's dinosaur skeleton kit is the perfect way to introduce the amazing world of the Velociraptor. In carefully extracting the skeleton, learn about the patience and problem solving skills needed in this critical and fascinating field, while exploring the anatomy and fascinating history of this exceptional dinosaur.

Kit contains: 1 plaster block containing skeleton, 1 x hammer, 1x dowel, 1x brush, 1x Velociraptor poster and detailed instructions.

Recommended for ages 4 and over.

Kit size: 215x165x55mm

Weight: 450g approx

Curious about the Velociraptor?

The Velociraptor was a two-legged, carnivorous dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 75-71 million years ago.

It lived in the Gobi Desert region of Mongolia and China and would have feasted on small animals, lizards and other dinosaurs. 

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