Care of Australian Wildlife


Taking Care of Australian Wildlife is an accessible and practical guide outlining the things we can do to make our backyards safer and friendlier to wildlife and how we can look after injured animals. In this revised edition, contact details for the Wildlife Authorities, products and manufacturers have been updated and new techniques included. There is also a listing of useful websites to further the readers knowledge.

Even Australians in the heart of cities have frequent encounters with wildlife and we are increasingly aware of how difficult it is for these animals to survive in our modified landscape. The book takes us into the world of various native animals, be they birds, lizards, frogs or mammals explaining their needs for shelter and food but it also instructs us how to safely and hygienically catch, handle and transport injured animals, how to feed them, house them, rehabilitate them and when and where to release them.

By: Ema Walraven

Pages: 140

Format: Paperback

Dimensions & Weight: 230x170x15mm, 400g approx