Redlichia Rex Trilobite


The Redlichis Rex Trilobite is a model of the largest trilobite ever discovered. Ancestors to modern crustaceans and insects, this model is designed and cast following expert advice on anatomical accuracy, in accordance with the latest paleontological discoveries. 

Colour: brown and earth toned

Size: 90x55x10mm

Weight: 75g approx

Material: Made from PVC, painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.

Suitable for ages 3+. 

Curious about Redlichia Rex? 

Redlichia Rex is the largest trilobite to be discovered in Australia. It was found preserved in 513 million-year-old rocks on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Trilobites are shell crushing predators with a characteristically flat head and body, antennae,  and walking legs to help it crawl across the sea floor. 

“Redlichia rex would have certainly been the terror of the trilobites, and most other seafloor creatures for that matter. Bigger than a dinner plate, this species is one of the largest animals living in the oceans at that time.”

Professor of Earth Sciences - School of Environmental and Rural Science, UNE

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