Tangerine calcite specimen with rich tones of orange, coral and pink. Available online only Australian Museum shop online

Ice cream coloured Tangerine Calcite: A Geological Marvel

A tangerine calcite specimen holds a distinct charm in the world of minerals, owed to the rarity of its warm and vibrant tangerine hue within calcite deposits. A very rare...
September 19, 2023 — Jude Love
Quartz specimen with chlorite and hematite inclusions photographed on white background, Australian Museum shop online

Rare Quartz Specimen with Chlorite and Hematite Inclusions Found in Mt. Ganesh, Dading District, Nepal

This unique and rare quartz specimen, almost zoomorphic in shape, is distinguished by the range of mauve coral, deep steel grey and verdant green colours of its chlorite and hematite inclusions. Quartz,...
September 19, 2023 — Jude Love
Lodalite quartz generator with coloured inclusions photographed on white background. Australian Museum shop online

Polished Lodalite Quartz Generator: A Unique Specimen with Chloride, Iron, and Trace Mineral Inclusions

This exquisite lodalite quartz specimen, with a perfect 6-sided generator form, seems to hold a galaxy of colour, texture and story within. Lodalite quartz, known for its captivating inclusions, offers collectors...
September 19, 2023 — Jude Love
Agate slice butterly wings. pristine agate slice specimens mounted for light penetration and visual impact. Photographed against white background. Australian Museum Shop online

Elegance in Stone: Agate Slice Butterfly Wings at the Australian Museum Shop

Discover the exquisite beauty of agate slices, artfully mounted to resemble delicate butterfly wings, available for purchase at the Australian Museum shop online. These mesmerizing specimens are a perfect example...
September 19, 2023 — Jude Love
Framed fossilised fish, Phareodus sp, Eocene period. photographed on white background. Australian Musem shop online

Rare and beautiful mineral specimens available through our online shop

We've recently partnered with our favoured fossils and minerals supplier to bring you some of the most beautiful, rare and pristine mineral and fossils specimens in the world. The most...
September 19, 2023 — Jude Love
Diving for dinosaurs: blackwater fossil hunting in South Carolina

Diving for dinosaurs: blackwater fossil hunting in South Carolina

We've recently added a sensational Carcharodon tooth fossil to our online collection In almost pristine condition, this mega-tooth was excavated by divers in the Waccamaw River, which now flows across North and South...
August 09, 2023 — Jude Love
Edible insects meal worms and crickets on bamboo spoons on white background Australian Museum shop online

Bugs for breakfast?

Nutritional powerhouses, packed with high-quality proteins, omega-3, vitamin B12 and iron and with a range of flavour profiles and textures from peanut butter, zesty lime, and even scrambled eggs, edible insects may be the perfect solution to the challenges of diminishing natural resources
June 14, 2023 — Australian Museum Shop