Discover the exquisite beauty of agate slices, artfully mounted to resemble delicate butterfly wings, available for purchase at the Australian Museum shop online.

Agate slices mounted as butterfly wings. Photographed on white background. Australian Museum shop online

These mesmerizing specimens are a perfect example of the unique allure of agate, a semi-precious gemstone renowned for its captivating patterns and vibrant hues.

Agate slices are formed through a natural geological process that spans millions of years.

They begin as cavities within volcanic or sedimentary rocks, where mineral-rich water slowly seeps in, depositing microscopic layers of minerals. Over time, these intricate layers accumulate and crystallise, giving rise to the mesmerising bands and patterns that make each agate slice one-of-a-kind.

Martin Rosser, collector and geologist who has sourced this remarkable piece for the Australian Museum remarked:

"I've rarely come across agate slices with such clarity and definition. Their elegant form called out for mounting in this way. As soon as I saw them, they reminded me of butterfly wings.

You have to see the light shine through to really appreciate their clear distinctive striations"

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