We've recently partnered with our favoured fossils and minerals supplier to bring you some of the most beautiful, rare and pristine mineral and fossils specimens in the world.

The most remarkable piece is this expressive, extraordinarily detailed, Eocene period fossilised Phareodus sp fish, mounted and framed and available through our online shop.

Framed fossil fish phareodus sp, eocene epoch

This detailed and almost entire fossil fish skeleton of Phareodus sp. discovered within the Green Valley Formation in Wyoming offers a remarkable glimpse into the prehistoric aquatic world of the Eocene period, approximately 56 to 34 million years ago.

Phareodus, a genus of predatory fish, was characterized by its sharp teeth and streamlined body, making it a formidable predator in the ancient freshwater ecosystems.

Martin Rosser, collector and geologist who has sourced this remarkable piece for the Australian Museum remarked:

"I've only seen 2 such specimens in the past 50 years of collecting, and never one with such an attitude"

This well-preserved specimen is a testament to the rich biodiversity that once thrived in the Green Valley region of Wyoming, which holds immense significance for paleontologists and fossil enthusiasts due to its exceptional fossil preservation conditions.

The sediments of this formation have yielded a treasure trove of fossils, including various ancient fish species, plants, and even early mammals, offering valuable insights into the ecological dynamics and evolution of life during this pivotal period in Earth's history.

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